Annuity vs Drawdown

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Ensure your retirement strategy meets your needs and goals

Pension annuities

Benefits Risks
Provides guaranteed income for life and cannot be affected by market fluctuations. If you pass away shortly after taking one, you won’t benefit from the full value you paid upfront.
Some policies guarantee indexation meaning the pension will rise with inflation over time. Rates tend to be lower when interest rates fall, so you may get less than you had hoped for when taking your pension.

Pension Drawdown

Benefits Risks
Offers more flexibility and money can be taken when it is needed. Markets can potentially be volatile and there may be no guaranteed income from investments.
Any money left in the drawdown pot will not be liable for Inheritance Tax. If too much is taken out of your drawdown pot, then you could face hefty tax bills.

Retirement planning services

It’s important that professional advice is taken before deciding upon a retirement strategy. The right strategy should be tailored to the individual’s needs and circumstances.

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