Retirement age calculator

Many of us have got things in mind we’d like to do when we retire, whether it’s travelling the world or simply doing more of what you love. But how can you save enough for a decent retirement without having to give up what makes life good today? Use our handy retirement age calculator to see how much you may need to save.

We are here to help with all your retirement calculations. To display this calculator in pounds, please see below.

Retirement Age Calculator

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A happy retirement tomorrow starts with understanding today

Today you have new pension freedoms to decide when and how you retire. There’s no fixed path to retirement or finite end point and you have the ability to choose how and when you retire.

Everyone has a different journey through life, with different ups and downs and experiences along the way.

We are here to take the financial stress out of that journey, by helping you reduce any financial anxiety by creating a retirement plan, to show you how to build your pension pot and how to make the most of that pension pot to retire at the age you prefer.

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