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Ellis Bates are here to enhance people’s lives by delivering peace of mind, enabling financial freedom and helping clients achieve their goals.

Ellis Bates Financial Advisers Bristol and South West are here to help you and your family along every step of your financial journey. We are proud to have been supporting clients throughout the UK with expert financial advice and financial planning for over 40 years.

You and your family’s financial future

Our Ellis Bates Financial Advisers Bristol and South West provide financial advice throughout the region including:


Your Ellis Bates Financial Advisers Bristol and South West Team

Here for your financial life’s journey

From buying your first house, starting out with savings and investments, planning for educational fees and weddings, tax planning, pension management and all the way through to retirement planning, equity release for later years, inheritance tax planning, and making a Will and lasting power of attorneys and trusts, we are here to help you through your life’s journey and all the events and milestones along the way.


We have a whole team to support you, alongside your Adviser, who are experts in their field including mortgages, equity release, wills, trusts and investments. As a client you will be able to tap into all this expertise depending on your specific needs. Our teams work in collaboration to develop recommendations, and plans, all bespoke to you as an individual.

In-House Investment Experts

We have our own in-house investment team who constantly look at the markets to ensure our clients’ monies are working the best they possibly can.

Learn more about investing with Ellis Bates Financial Advisers Bristol and South West.

FCA Regulated

We are totally independent, privately owned and not tied to or influenced by any products or providers, which means that our advice is always impartial. As Independent Financial Advisers, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Therefore, we are obliged to research and recommend solutions from the whole of the market. We are not incentivised by sales – we charge an agreed fixed fee for our services, so that we are always acting in your best interest.

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