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Financial Planning really is life-changing and our mission of ‘enhancing people’s lives’ is what we set out to do each and every day by delivering peace of mind, enabling financial freedom and helping people just like you to achieve their goals.

We know you already have a very important trust-based relationship with your own Ellis Bates Financial Adviser and if you ask any of our team they will all say the number one reason they enjoy their job so much is their ability to help people.

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Money can be a difficult and very personal subject and certainly not an everyday conversation for most of us. You may have family, friends or colleagues who are worried their pension is not performing as well as it should be as they near retirement, or worried the cost of living crisis is eroding their pension, or that their pension pot is not big enough now for example.

You may have family and friends who may need a Will or help setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney and not sure how or where to start.

You may have family and friends going through a difficult life event such as divorce and they would benefit from financial advice.

We are here to help and would be happy to have an initial, free consultation.

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Many of you have asked us to provide you with easy ways to help you to recommend us to family and friends and we have created a Recommendation Pack for you to choose from.

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Dax Bayley talks about how he was able to help a client

“My client is a single parent with one non-dependent daughter. She is a healthcare worker with the NHS, so she had a defined benefit scheme, which unfortunately we could not help with. However, she had also received correspondence of a defined contribution pension scheme but had little information on how much it was worth, so I helped her to trace this pension and it transpired its fund value was close to £200,000.  

My client had no savings and an interest only mortgage so she was worried she would have to sell her property when she retired as she would not be able to afford to pay off her mortgage any other way.

Having assessed all her information and we agreed the plan would be to initially draw down the 25% tax-free cash lump sum from her pension, and the take scheduled incremental withdrawals over the last few years to overpay the mortgage without paying any penalties.

This has provided my client with complete peace of mind as when she retires she will be mortgage free and will be able to enjoy her retirement worry-free.

She will be able to stay in her home and it will also benefit both her and her daughter from an inheritance perspective as the daughter will be able to inherit a larger asset, rather than the client originally thinking she would have to downsize.”