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Financial planning for your family’s future

Family financial planning

Our Financial Advisors are here to help and support your family on its financial planning journey every step of the way, including guidance on inheritance tax.

Often when it comes to financial planning, it can feel like a very individual decision. What you’re actually doing is planning for yours and your family’s future.

All families are different. And that’s why it’s really important to involve your Financial Advisor with the whole family story.

All age groups are researching and understanding the importance of seeking professional, qualified financial advice to help them with their money – be it protection, investing, researching pensions, socially responsible investing or making savings work harder.

Family focused financial planning

Dawn Elkington, Financial Planner at Ellis Bates

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Family focused financial advice

Day to day benefitsMedium term benefitsLong term benefits
Go-to for questions and answersCash flow modelling, showing incomings and outgoingsCash flow modelling for early retirement
Savings adviceCash flow modelling for saving for depositInheritance planning
Investment adviceMaking savings work harderWealth transfer planning
Pensions adviceInvestment strategies Wills planning
Personal allowances adviceGifting adviceLasting power of attorney advice
Tax planning adviceCalculations and projections for income and investmentsTrusts advice
Insurance and protection adviceSocially responsible investment adviceCare fees advice

Sharing with your children and grandchildren

Once you are a client with us, our financial advice and support extends to your whole family and we are on-hand to answer questions and offer insights into a full range of financial topics.

Where possible, we really do encourage you to include your children and grandchildren in sessions with us, to not only share family insights and great advice on investments, for example, but is particularly important when discussing Power of Attorney and legacy plans.

Financial education and support

As well as being on-hand for your whole family so they can all enjoy the benefits of financial planning and advice, we also hold a series of webinars on diverse topics including socially responsible investing, investment market updates, how cash flow modelling works and top tips on pensions and savings.

Keeping wealth in the family

With more people concerned with family legacy in light of the pandemic, sharing a family Financial Advisor can be a very effective and efficient way to address the very real financial issues surrounding mortality.

With the rise and rise of house prices over the last three decades and the new pensions freedoms act, the results have been a significant rise in monies handed over to HMRC and the average UK inheritance tax bill currently stands at a staggering £179k!

Not only is the Financial Advisors role to work with you on how to protect and pass your assets (property/pensions/savings/investments etc) down to your family, but a shared ‘family’ Advisor can do this even more powerfully and effectively for you and your loved ones.

One of our Financial Advisors will work with you through the myriad of options including inheritance tax planning, personal tax planning, using personal allowances, pension planning between partners/children, generational gifting, trusts and intergenerational wealth transfer.

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Sharing family-wide financial goals will significantly improve any wealth transfer, smooth out the inheritance process, family communication and offer long term peace of mind and security.

All families are different and all families are complex. We are here to help and support your family on its financial planning journey every step of the way.

Family focused reviews

“I used Matthew Stirling to re-mortgage my Equity Release to reduce the interest rate I was paying to benefit my family in the future. In spite of a couple of hiccups along the way, which Matthew dealt with quickly & efficiently, the whole process went smoothly. I would not hesitate to use or recommend him for any future advice.” Richard M.

“Hannah Robinson has done a fantastic job in consolidating my financial position & giving me & my family the best possible opportunity to make our assets work as hard as possible for us all. Professional, friendly, helpful, smiling, genuine, knowledgeable, approachable & someone who constantly listened & found the perfect balance between what we should do versus what was affordable. Top Class & First Class service & experience.” Phil S.

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