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Use our pension calculator to help you understand the level of contributions you need to be making in line with your retirement aspirations.

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Pension Calculator

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How much should I contribute to my pension?

It is estimated very few of us realise just how much we need to be saving into our pensions and the level of income our pensions will provide.

Below gives an approximation (based on continuous contributions, growth rate and inflation rate) to offer an illustration as to the level of contributions made over different periods of time and the income they will bring:

Age start saving into your pensionIncome per annum *Retire at 60, savings needed per monthRetire at 70, savings needed per month
22Minimum £10,9006535
22Moderate £20,900480260
22Comfortable £30,6001,020555
40Minimum £10,90014065
40Moderate £20,9001,030480
40Comfortable £30,6002,180102
*Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association income levels