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EB Retirement Income Strategies (EBRIS)
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EB Retirement Income Strategies (EBRIS) In 2023, in response to client demand, we developed our EB Retirement Income Strategies (EBRIS). EBRIS is a combination of our Income and Growth portfolios:…

What is an Annuity?
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An annuity is a financial product whereby an individual provides an upfront capital amount in exchange for regular income payments for a specified period of time. The rate of income…

Income in Retirement
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Put simply, an individual’s life can be split into two phases: the accumulation phase, and the decumulation phase. Accumulation Phase Decumulation Phase Most retirement planning advice focuses on the accumulation…

What is an Equity?
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What is an Equity? An equity is a share of ownership in a company. An investor who owns the shares (a shareholder) is therefore a part-owner of the company, and…

What is a bond?
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What is a Bond? Bonds are debt instruments issued by governments and companies, as a way of raising money for new projects, business expansion, or other expenditures. Bonds are typically…

Invest for income
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What is Investing for Income? Income investing is often thought of as a way of creating an income in retirement. It is also a valid strategy to generate an ongoing…

What is ESG investing?
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What is ESG Investing? ESG investing is a criteria used to screen potential investments. Environmental: Assessment of the impact companies are having on the planet today and in the future. Social:…

How can I invest in green pensions?
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Sustainable investing is growing ever more popular due to the impact of climate change. Financial Advisor, Gary Davies, outlines the growing popularity and availability of investing in green pension funds.…

Ethical Investing
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By Kim Holding, Portfolio Manager The world of ethical, responsible and sustainable investing is very fast moving and becoming increasingly complex. Not a day seems to go by without a…

Preparing for retirement
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Preparing for retirement Here are the top four things you can do to prepare for retirement: 1. Prepare a budget One of the most important things you can do is…

The benefits of financial advice when planning for retirement
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Taking financial advice can help clear any confusion when planning for retirement. Financial Planner, Gary Davies, explains the overall benefits of financial advice when planning for retirement. Read our latest…

Financial Wellbeing
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More than 24.5 million people are financially disengaged. Do you often review your finances? Or are you one of those people who just hope for the best? Although managing finances…

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