Equity Release

We’ll take the time to understand your aspirations and advise you on solutions for releasing capital or income from your home including ‘equity release schemes’, ‘lifetime mortgages’ and ‘home reversion schemes’.

These schemes do not carry any risk of you losing the ability to remain in your home for the remainder of your life.

Lifetime Mortgages

Lifetime mortgages allow you to release a lump sum from the value of your home, with no regular repayments to make. Any interest is paid off when the property is sold, and you continue to occupy your house as normal.

Home Reversion Schemes

A home reversion scheme enables you to sell a portion, or indeed all of your home to a reversion company or individual, for a lump sum or regular income. Although you no longer own part or all of your home, you still retain the right to live in your property, free of charge, for the length of your life.

The older you are when you start a home reversion scheme, the higher the percentage you will get of your home’s market value. Usually, for this reason, they are best suited for those over 70.

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Equity Release Reviews

“I used Matthew Stirling to re-mortgage my Equity Release to reduce the interest rate I was paying to benefit my family in the future. In spite of a couple of hiccups along the way, which Matthew dealt with quickly & efficiently, the whole process went smoothly. I would not hesitate to use or recommend him for any future advice.”

Our Financial Adviser at Ellis Bates was Matthew Stirling. He did an excellent job and provided us with exactly the right Equity Release product for our specific needs. We consulted Matthew because our innovative equity release plans, which we strongly believed suited our individual circumstances, did not fit into the standard range of options relating to equity release. We had contacted a number of insurance companies with household names, only to be told that we could not use equity release funds to buy an investment. Matthew, listened carefully to our plans. He questioned us about our personal and financial circumstances and was interested in the logical reasons supporting our intended plans. He found the ideas interesting and commented that, “with the end of final salary pension schemes, we need to become more innovative”. He carefully worked on and documented our ideas and took them to his compliance team where they were discussed and evaluated over a number of days. With a positive acceptance of the plan concept, Matthew researched the open market and gained an offer, on our behalf, from Standard Life for the full funding we required. Over the subsequent weeks it took to accept the offer and obtain the actual money, we faced a number of problems, but Matthew continued to support us and was a tower of strength, being available and helping us whenever we had need. We are very grateful to him, and Ellis Bates, for helping us to achieve financial security for the rest of our lives.”

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