Financial Advice for Employees

The benefits of offering your employees access to financial planning are well documented – reduced stress and better health being the most important, with improved financial education leading to better control over their finances and gaining confidence in their future.

As well as supporting you as the business owner or Director with expert financial advice, we are here to help you create a dynamic package of employee benefits and to give your employees access to ongoing financial education and resources.

Financial planning as an employee benefit can also help employees with their number one source of anxiety in life: money. Personal finances regularly claim the number one spot on the list of causes of stress and anxiety.

Why do you need protection?

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Financial anxiety can trigger debilitating mental and physical health issues which can lead to distraction at work and much higher levels of absenteeism which affects productivity and performance.

Support with Employee benefits

In this highly competitive candidate driven market, a key part of building a successful business is recruiting and retaining a talented and motivated team. Employee packages are more important than ever and not only can we help you protect the business from losing a key part of the team from long term illness for example, but we can help you create an attractive and hard-working set of employee benefits including:

  • Life Insurance
  • Death in Service
  • Health Care/Medical Insurance
  • Income protection
  • Critical illness cover
  • Benefits-lead pension scheme

Pension support for your Employees

Pension schemes can differ widely in terms of their performance, benefits offered and fees charged. With the emphasis on ensuring your employees are saving enough for their retirement it is vital to offer them the optimum scheme to enable them to secure their financial future.

Our pensions services include:

  • Group Pension scheme review and set up
  • Auto enrolment scheme review and set up
  • Annual reviews including pension leavers, joiners and retirees etc

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Pension consultations and reviews

Understanding the importance of different levels of pension contributions is vital for your employees, and the impact just a relatively small increase can make to their retirement lifestyle.

We are happy to visit your offices annually or on a more frequent basis and to hold pension meetings with your employees as part of your financial and well- being responsibilities.

Employee education, informal talks and presentations

We are here as your go-to resource for you, your business and your employees.

By offering employee benefits that can help their incomes go further,  by making relevant financial advice and guidance readily available and creating a safe place to talk about money you can make a big difference to your employees’ lives.

  • Face to face, telephone and video meetings
  • 121 and group meetings
  • Presentations to your staff (onsite and online) on a range of agreed subjects to inform, reassure and educate.
  • Bespoke informational packages for your employees

If you would like to speak to one of our Corporate Team about expert, independent financial advice for you, your business and your employees, please book a chat.

Salary Sacrifice

Pension salary sacrifice is a method of saving National Insurance Contributions (NIC) for employers and employees alike and is the exchange of salary for a non-cash benefit, including additional pension contributions.

As an employee, you can choose the level of salary sacrifice and can also opt to sacrifice some or all of any bonuses for extra pension contributions.

Pension planning services

Our pension planning service is here to help you plan and achieve your retirement goals.

Use our helpful pension calculator to help you understand the level of contributions you need to be making in line with your retirement aspirations.

And when the time comes to start taking money from your pension, you’ll need to decide how you want to do this. The options for using your pension pot are more flexible than ever.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

As Socially Responsible Investment Advisors, SRI has always been at the heart of our investment philosophy since we launched our first SRI portfolio in 2008 and we carefully consider environmental and social elements of every SRI fund before we invest.

Find out more about our sustainable investment funds

Financial protection

Some changes you can predict, while others you simply cannot. Financial protection planning is all about preparing for the unexpected and we can help you with areas such as life insurance, critical illness insurance, Lasting Power of Attorney and making a Will.