Feel confident and comfortable
asking for financial advice

Disclosing details about your financial health can be daunting, but our plain talking, friendly approach and passion for building long lasting relationships can help remove the stigma of asking for financial advice.

A financial behaviours study by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has revealed that 55% of adults don’t feel comfortable talking about money, despite 48% admitting they have financial concerns. The most common reasons highlighted in the study were shame or embarrassment, not wanting to burden others and upbringing.

At Ellis Bates, we will always put your financial agenda before ours and provide you with advice that is in your best interest. Our friendly and trustworthy approach means clients find it much easier to confide in us, which allows us to tailor plans to give you long term financial peace of mind.

Financial Advice: Enhancing People’s Lives

Ben Clapham, Director of Financial Planning at Ellis Bates

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I don’t need financial advice – I can manage it myself

There are many benefits of receiving financial advice including helping you to plan for important life events, preparing for your retirement, avoiding unnecessary taxes and maximising your allowances.

Discover the benefits of financial advice.

It will cost too much

We have a completely transparent structure and charge an agreed fixed fee for our services, which we share with you from the very beginning of our discussions. Our Advisors will use cashflow modelling to show you the value of their advice vs the fees over the short, medium and long term so you can see the impact on your financial health and goals.

I don’t want to share my sensitive information with a ‘stranger’

Sharing your personal information with someone you class as a stranger can be intimidating so we understand just how important it is for you to find a trustworthy Advisor who you feel comfortable with. Our Financial Advisors will call to introduce themselves before your initial consultation to put you at ease, will send over information about themselves and the company and you can choose the type of appointment you feel most comfortable with – video, telephone or face to face.

In order to give you the best advice it is necessary to ask a series of in depth questions but this will be conducted in a friendly and informal way to put you at ease.

Ellis Bates is an Independent Financial Advisor, and we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

I don’t need financial advice yet

Whatever stage of life you are at a Financial Advisor will provide qualified, impartial advice and here are some of the key life events which would benefit significantly from cool headed, expert financial insight and planning:

When should I contact a Financial Advisor?

  • Starting a new pension
  • Increasing pension contributions
  • Saving for / buying a home
  • Investing
  • Marriage / starting a family
  • Divorce
  • Making a significant career change
  • Starting or running a business
  • Making a Will
  • Planning ahead for retirement
  • Taking an income in retirement
  • Later life care

At Ellis Bates we use sophisticated cash flow modelling software which will help you to visualise your financial future and life goals and the financial actions you need to take – from starting your first job right through to enjoying your chosen retirement.

Financial Planning Reviews

“I was quite nervous beforehand of the financial process but Dax Bayley was so professional, yet friendly and approachable and explained the whole process in a coherent way. I felt able to ask questions which he answered patiently and clearly. Once we had established our goals, felt very comfortable with the process and the outcome. Would definitely recommend Dax to anyone.” 

“Having made a decision about my private pensions due to the change of my family circumstances, I was terribly worried about where I could get the right advice and the process of accessing my pensions. Ellis Bates have been very professional. Ben Clapham and his team have been fantastic and made the whole process clear and straight forward. Thank you and Highly recommended.”

“I had some advice from Dax as I was looking at consolidating all of my pensions. Given some of the horror stories around I was a little nervous about doing this but proceeded anyhow. The advice I received was proved to be very sound as during the latest COVID-19 downturn the pension recommended to me was seen to outperform the market. Great personal advice that proved market leading. I very much recommend using this company and specifically Dax.”

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