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How to Create an Estate Plan
560 315 Eleonore Bylo

How to Create an Estate Plan Make a Will Set up lasting power of attorney Keep below the inheritance tax threshold Give assets away Give assets away that are free…

Inheritance Tax & Will Planning
150 150 Eleonore Bylo

Estate planning is about more than just tax. It is about making sure the people left behind are financially supported, that your assets are protected and that the tax your estate…

Leaving a Tax-Efficient Legacy
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Passing assets to the next generation If you thought Inheritance Tax was just for extremely wealthy people to worry about, think again. Rising property prices have meant more estates than…

Gender Pension Gap Industries
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The industries that have the largest gender pension gap 59% Healthcare 51% Construction 48% Real estate/property development 46% Pharmaceutical 46% Aerospace, defence and government services 45% Senior care

Women Seeking Financial Support
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Financial Planner, Carol Lammy-Steele, discusses why women are less likely to seek financial support from a Financial Adviser.

Gender Pensions Gap
560 315 Eleonore Bylo

Women’s pensions at retirement are half the size of men’s The gender pensions gap is the difference in the average amount of money that men and women have saved for…

Pension Allowances frozen until 2026
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Pension Allowance The maximum amount of contributions on which a member can claim tax relief in any tax year is the greater of: the ‘basic amount’ – currently £3600 gross,…

Tax Planning in Retirement
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Managing Director and Chartered Financial Planner, Michael Cope, discusses tax planning in retirement.

Key Tax and Pension Changes from the Autumn Statement
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Last week Jeremy Hunt unveiled his Autumn Statement aimed at tackling inflation and stabilising UK finances. The Chancellor detailed issues such as tax, government spending and energy as part of…

Green Pensions
560 315 Eleonore Bylo

Choosing to go green on our pension investments could have a far greater impact on the environment than we may have thought. The positive news is that almost three quarters…

Environmental Impact of SRI Portfolios
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This video looks at the Sustainable Development Goals that fall within the environmental category. This is concerned with the conservation of the natural world, as well as a companies energy…

How Green is your Pension?
560 315 Eleonore Bylo

Time to consider a healthier approach to retirement? Pension schemes have a critical role to play in the transition to a net zero economy, with many schemes already assessing the…


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