Supporting Charities Close to our Hearts

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Many of our team members have close links to some fantastic charities. As part of our social responsibility initiative, supporting charities is one of the key areas we focus on.

One of our Financial Planners, Kim Bath, married in August 2021 and rather than requesting wedding gifts, asked guests if they would kindly donate to charity instead.

Sadly due to Covid their ceremony was postponed three times and should have taken place in June last year. Devastatingly, between these dates three people who should have attended passed away from cancer-related illnesses. So, with this charity being close to their hearts, Kim and her husband chose Cancer Research UK.

The total amount raised by guests was £400, and Ellis Bates matched this so the charity benefitted from a generous total of £800.

Cancer Research is an incredible charity looking at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Thanks to the extensive research that has been done, the survival rate has doubled over the past 40 years.

For more information on this incredible charity, visit

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