Peace of mind

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A married couple came to see us after the husband became disabled and no longer felt he could deal with their finances. Despite previously taking care of everything, he asked his wife if she would be able to deal with them moving forwards. They had a myriad of investments and deposits which were scattered across banks, building societies, direct shares, and funds.

Due to the husband dealing with their money prior to become disabled, his wife was worried as she was unsure of what needed to be done, as well as caring for him.

Following our meeting, they agreed to keep a lump sum for emergencies and care, invest some funds for their grandchild (reducing inheritance tax) and to consolidate the remainder, tax efficiently.

They both now have peace of mind that Ellis Bates are looking after them on an ongoing basis. They can concentrate on their health and getting on with life. They were especially delighted at the idea of being able to start a nest egg for their grandchild in their lifetime.

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