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Has lockdown lifted your savings?

A lot of people have shifted the way they think about life due to Covid-19. Families have focused on staying healthy and having a healthier work/life balance. These are now top of their priorities to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Some have saved that little bit extra during lockdown by not going out or on holiday. Investing your money wisely could be an option for you to consider. Investments could grow your capital and income and generate another income stream.

There is a lot of nervousness around finance and investments as a result of Covid-19. Key questions you may be considering are:

  • How will the markets perform with interest rate fluctuations?
  • How will I gain a good return?
  • How will we protect ourselves and our families against an uncertain future?

A regulated Financial Adviser can help answer these questions and guide you on a suitable investment strategy, based on your individual situation.

You work hard for your money and your money should work hard for you. 

Ellis Bates has a holistic view of financial planning. We understand that no two people have identical financial circumstances. We create a tailored plan that meets your individual needs and investment objectives. Your goal could be to make your cash work harder, fund education fees, contribute to a wedding, buy a new property or save for retirement.

If you like the idea of investing but are unsure where to start, get in touch for a free initial consultation today.

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