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Award Winners

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Congratulations to our Winners

As part of celebrating our 40th Birthday, over 200 nominations were received from team members voting for their colleagues across 8 categories:

Rookie of the Year award

Winner: Lee DeRedder, Trainee Financial Planning Analyst

For colleagues who joined us since March 2020, this is for someone who integrated and has become one of the team despite the lockdowns and remote working. This colleague sets the benchmark for future new recruits with regard to their attitude, approach and early contribution to their teams and company.


Rise to the Challenge award

Winner: John Della Pietra, Head of IT

Despite the situation and challenges, this colleague rose to the challenge, despite problems and/or set-backs and came through better and stronger as a result.


‘We are ambitious’ award

Winner: Rachael Dowde, Academy Manager

This colleague often goes above and beyond, they take on extra work or more responsibility and they are very engaged, putting their heart into everything they do to support the performance and growth of the team and company.


‘We are passionate’ award

Winner: Henry Walsh, Client Research Administrator (Apprentice)

For a colleague who is full of enthusiasm, always positive and finds the good in everything; they help to create a nice working environment, boost morale, has energy, and enthusiasm, and is a bit of fun too!


‘We do what’s right’ award

Winner: Mark Chandler, Chartered Financial Planner & Head of Estate Planning

This colleague chooses to do the right thing even when it isn’t expected, is more work for them, or isn’t the easiest option. It could be for a client or a colleague but in both cases they will have shown that, despite the difficulties, the right thing is always done. (Certificate posed by Ben as Mark could not be with us).


‘We do it together’ award

Winner: Cheryl DeRedder, Client Servicing Team Leader

This is for a colleague who helps others to grow and develop, provides appreciation and praise, puts their team first before themselves and makes the effort to establish genuine relationships with other team’s members based on mutual trust and respect.


Living our Values’ award

Winner: Beth Irwin, Client Review Team Leader

This colleague truly lives our values across all areas of ambition, passion, integrity and teamwork; and has many examples of things they have done, become involved in, led and driven across the business which have helped us to bring our values to life.


Mission Impossible award

Winner: Jo Fallon, Head Receptionist

This colleague always solves the problem, figures out a way to make something work, and can be called upon to help with most things. Unfortunately we do not have a photo of the winner as she was unable to join us on the night.

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