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Critical Illness Cover
560 315 Jess Easby

Minimising the financial impact on you and your loved ones What would life be like if you were diagnosed with a serious illness? Things could change very suddenly. You’d get…

The Final Retirement Countdown
560 315 Jess Easby

Time to review your financial plans with a financial check-up? If you are aiming to retire within the next five years, it’s time to get into the mindset of considering…

Guide To Tax Matters
560 315 Jess Easby

2019/20 Key Changes You Need To Know In this guide we set out the main tax changes that apply to the 2019/20 tax year, which commenced on 6 April 2019.…

Income Boosting Investments
560 315 Jess Easby

Structuring your investment portfolio throughout life If low interest rates continue to remain, it really matters where you invest your money. Investing for income means choosing assets that are able…

Cost of Inflation
560 315 Jess Easby

Eroding the purchasing power of your money The impact of the cost of inflation on savings and investments, especially of those retirees living on a fixed income, is an important…

ISAs guide
Guide to Individual Savings Accounts
560 315 Jess Easby

The little allowance with big potential Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are an incredibly effective means of shielding your money from both Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax. Using your tax-free…

Millennials Get Real With The Numbers
560 315 Jess Easby

Making Sacrifices For Home Ownership Over Retirement Millennials are chasing the home ownership dream at the potential cost of a lower income in retirement, new research[1] shows. Over a third…

baby hand holding a man's hand
Inheritance Tax Planning
560 315 Jess Easby

Careful Planning Can Reduce Or Even Eliminate The Inheritance Tax Payable Intergenerational planning helps you put financial measures in place to benefit your children later in life, and possibly even…

Tax Relief and Pensions
560 315 Jess Easby

Annual and lifetime limits When it comes to managing money, one of the things some people find most difficult to understand is the tax relief they receive on payments into…

retirement planning
Start Planning Early
560 315 Jess Easby

Things you can do to increase your chances of success The future may seem far away, but you need to start planning early. Regardless of your goals, there are things…

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