Amanda Glen

Amanda looks after the largest team in the company – all the new client, administration, support, review and servicing teams who look after you day in and day out.

What is your role at Ellis Bates?

I am Head of Client Servicing at Ellis Bates. My role in supporting our clients is to manage and coordinate the different teams involved in the client journey. I strive to ensure that the service they receive is efficient and of excellent quality.

My role involves overseeing the entire client journey and ensuring its successful delivery. Every new and existing client to Ellis Bates is looked after and guided through the process by our specialist teams including: New Client Team, Client Research Team, Quality Assurance Team, Client Servicing Teams, Client Review Team, and (if they are a business client) Group Scheme Team.

My teams have very varied roles – no two days are the same – and these roles are all about building strong relationships with clients by working closely with the Adviser.

Our top priority is to cater to all our clients’ needs. This could include:

  • Organising annual review appointments where our clients can talk about their financial goals with their Adviser
  • Gathering information and research for clients’ annual review appointments
  • Working closely with Advisers and providers to ensure that any changes or requests regarding client accounts are implemented efficiently.

We are always on hand to support both the Adviser and the client directly.

Tell us more about your passion to provide excellent client support within your teams?

My team members are committed to and enthusiastic about supporting our clients throughout their entire journey with Ellis Bates. We make sure we are always on hand to help our clients with anything they need and take the stress away from them when it comes to their finances.

My passion is to help my team members with their development so they can deliver the best possible client service. A huge part of my role is to develop our Managers and Team Leaders, ensuring we are always fully resourced and able to meet any client’s needs whether they are new to Ellis Bates or have been with us for many years.

Seeing the great work my team does day in, day out, and the positive feedback we receive from clients makes me feel a strong sense of pride for the quality of service we provide.

We have very strong relationships with our clients, and our approach to building these relationships is based on delivering on our promises and providing reliable support throughout the entire process.

How do you and your team demonstrate the Ellis Bates values?

My team throughout the whole client journey are passionate about getting things correct, looking after the client, and making sure they communicate frequently and in a timely manner. We all work with each other and support each other to get things right.

My team is full of ambitious people who want to do what’s right for our clients. I encourage everyone in my team to develop, grow and learn. We’ve had team members who joined the business as apprentices, who are now Team Leaders. Some started in an administrative role and now manage the whole Client Research team or are technical researchers.

I’m very proud of how far my whole team has come. As they progress into new roles, they can use that knowledge and experience to improve how our clients are looked after.

Although they have distinct responsibilities, our client support teams work together as one team, to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Finally, what do you love doing outside of work?

Family and travel are the two big things that I enjoy. I have a big family so we do a lot of weekends away. We like to see new places – we have seen quite a bit of Europe, but America is where I really love to go. We’ve been to a lot of places in the US already but that’s what I’d like to continue to do!