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Mortgage Market
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Regional Director & Head of Estate Planning, Mark Chandler, discusses the current mortgage market in October 2022, with BBC Radio York presenter Joanita Musisi.

Recession-proof your Finances
560 315 Jess Easby

10 practical steps to ensure your money is working hard for you In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to make sure your finances are in order. The…

Economic Outlook
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With Policy changes, volatility and unpredictability the new norm it appears at times, a different approach is needed towards your finances and investment strategy. Ellis Bates continue to emphasise the…

Diversification Within Investments
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This session looks at how the strategy of diversification among investments can be used to reduce risk when investing.

Growing Pains?
560 315 Jess Easby

The UK’s new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng unveiled “The Growth Plan 2022” which marks a step change in government policy, both financially and ideologically. The view of the new government is…

Gender Confidence Gap
560 315 Jess Easby

There is a significant gender confidence gap when it comes to managing pension pots The following table shows the large difference in women and men being confident in pensions, investments…

Meeting with a Financial Adviser
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Whether you are just starting out on your financial journey or an experienced investor, taking professional financial advice is an important step to ensure your plans are on track.

Bridging the Gender Pensions Gap
560 315 Jess Easby

Women left with half the pension pot, no matter the job. We’ve all heard about the gender pay gap, but very few discuss the gender pensions gap, despite the fact…

Worries About Retirement
560 315 Jess Easby

Worries about retirement, research has found: 52% of 1,212 UK adults surveyed are concerned they have not saved enough money to sustain their current lifestyle in retirement 34% of full…

How much money do I need in retirement?
150 150 Jess Easby

We look at how to work out the amount of income you could need in retirement and why it is important to have a plan in place to ensure you…

Steps to Retirement
560 315 Jess Easby

Step One: think ahead to the type of retirement you want The first step is always to have an idea of what you want to do when you eventually stop…

Millions of married couples have no idea about their spouse’s pensions & retirement plans
560 315 Jess Easby

Millions of married couples have no idea about their spouse’s pensions and retirement plans, according to new research 78% of non-retired married people do not know what their spouse’s pensions…

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