Why do you need financial planning

Benefits of financial planning

At Ellis Bates, our Financial Advisors will be able to help you with insights into and make qualified recommendations for your finances and explain the benefits of financial planning.

We will work together to create a holistic, comprehensive financial plan to achieve your goals.

Whether you are saving for your first mortgage, want your money to work harder for you or are approaching retirement and want to make the most informed decisions about your pension options, a Financial Advisor will offer expert, qualified advice at every stage of your journey.

Financial Advice: Enhancing People’s Lives

Dax Bayley, Regional Manager & Financial Planner at Ellis Bates

Our Financial Advisors will help you with:

  • Navigating important life events (Marriage, divorce, changing careers, having children)
  • Later life planning
  • Overcoming financial difficulties
  • Growing your investments and investment options
  • Building and protecting your wealth
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Managing lump sums e.g. inheritance and bonuses
  • Preparing for the unexpected
  • Maximising all available allowances
  • Avoiding unnecessary taxes and tax planning
  • Promoting financial knowledge
  • Creating a long-term, personalised financial strategy
  • Using data-driven decision-making with cash flow modelling
  • Being yours and your family’s go-to financial resource

Why use a financial planner?

To help you build your assets

By looking at your finances, and using sophisticated cashflow modelling software, we will create an interactive picture of your spending first and then how to develop a savings plan so you can build your wealth as tax efficiently as possible for the short, medium and long term.

There is much to read online about just how much better off clients can be if they take financial advice and here is one such report: https://www.which.co.uk/news/article/could-taking-financial-advice-make-you-47000-better-off-aJF8c2b7vUiB

To help you achieve your financial goals

Many of us have goals we would love to achieve, these could include taking early retirement, paying university or private school fees for children or grandchildren, travel, holiday home etc. Whatever your goal, a Financial Planner will help assess what is realistically possible and then work with you to put the actions needed in place to help you achieve your goals.

To plan the right investment strategy for you

High returns vs high risk, protecting against market volatility, which asset classes to choose, which funds, which product providers, diversification vs all your eggs in one basket – the options and choices are endless.

Whether you are starting out in your investment journey or already have established investments, a Financial Planner make a detailed assessment of your investment goals and make expert, qualified recommendations.

Your Financial Planner will also become your go-to for all new investment opportunities you wish to consider on an ongoing basis.

To help you tax plan efficiently

A Financial Planner will offer expert tax advice, this could include tax efficient savings such as an ISA, junior ISA, lifetime ISA, maximising pensions, personal and capital gains allowances and estate and inheritance planning.

To help you plan for retirement

Planning for your retirement can be complex and there are many different options available. A Financial Planner will use our cashflow modelling to map out pension contribution levels, recommend providers and funds and work with you to create a plan to match your desired retirement age.

To protect you and your family

Whatever your age, a Financial Planner will help you understand your protection needs including life insurance, critical illness cover, making a Will, Trusts and Lasting Power of Attorneys.

To give you financial peace of mind

A Financial Planner is here to help you with your prosperity and financial well-being by cutting through the jargon to provide honest, open, accessible and straightforward financial advice.

At Ellis Bates we will always put your financial agenda before ours and provide you with advice that we genuinely believe is in your best interest. From our plain talking approach to our passion for building long-lasting relationships, we go further to help you achieve more.

Only by getting to truly know you personally, can we understand your aspirations and goals for your finances. Our friendly and trustworthy approach means clients confide, which allows us to tailor plans to give you long term financial peace of mind, and provide you with the benefits of financial planning.


Cashflow Forecasting

Visit our cashflow forecasting page to find out more on the software our Financial Advisors use to help you develop lifetime financial plans and to bring your financial future to life.

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Retirement Planning

Expert retirement advice will help you understand your position and how to work out when you can retire and what your retirement income will look like.

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