eb interact

eb interact is an online service that provides straightforward financial advice at a lower cost than a traditional face to face option.

What are the risks of investing?

The value of your investments can go up and down, meaning you may get back less than you originally invested as your original capital is not protected. Any investment should be made with a long-term view of 5 or more years.

How can eb interact help me?

The advice is designed to assess your affordability for investment and evaluate the level of risk you would be comfortable taking with your money. All you must do is answer the questions and eb interact will recommend an investment portfolio that falls within your acceptable risk parameters. Our investment portfolios are diversified across multiple asset classes to help balance your risk to reward.

eb interact will help you set up your Stocks & Shares ISA or General Investment Account. An ISA offers tax-free growth enabling you to withdraw your money without incurring a tax liability. You must only subscribe to one Stocks & Shares ISA each tax year. General Investment Account could be used if you wish to hold your investments in joint names or if you have fully utilised your ISA allowance. Any growth withdrawn from this account will be subject to capital gains tax.

What information will I need to apply?

  • Income
  • Outgoings
  • Outstanding Loans
  • Existing Savings/Investments
  • National Insurance Number
  • Identification (Passport/Driving Licence)

What are the investment limits?

You can begin investing with an initial lump sum of £500 or regular investments of £25 per month. You can withdraw your money at any time and the funds will normally take 10 days to arrive in your account.

What if I need extra help with my application?

We have a team of professional Advisers that can help support you through any issue that may arise with your application. Should you need to speak to us you can call on 01423 520 052, or email carl.hasty@ellisbates.com.