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Celebrating 40 years

We have been providing expert financial advice since 1980 and we are proud to be celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year.


We maintain a caring and personable approach to our work, meaning that if you call us you will get through to a real person who will either assist you, or find someone who can.

In-House Experts

We have our own in-house  investment team who constantly look at the markets to ensure our clients’ monies are working the best they possibly can.


It’s not just one Adviser who helps our clients – we work together as a team, meaning clients deal with a variety of our team depending on their specific needs. Our experts work in collaboration to develop recommendations and everything is bespoke to the individual client.

Well connected

The combined investments managed by Ellis Bates totals over £1 billion. This means that we have significant buying power and allows us to access information, product solutions and opportunities that smaller IFA firms may not be aware of.

Ellis Bates Financial Advisers have been providing expert financial advice since 1980, specialising in pensions, investments, mortgages, life, health and critical illness insurances. The founders, Grant Ellis and Peter Bates, still play a part in the company today and are active members of the Board. Our experience has helped our clients to keep and grow their money, as well as make sensible financial decisions for their future. Choosing the right company to provide you with sound and trustworthy financial advice isn’t a decision that can be taken lightly. We know that there’s a lot at stake, and that your wealth is not simply about money, which is why it is our mission to be the UK’s most trusted provider of lifelong financial advice.

Grant Ellis

“Peter and I met in 1978 at a small insurance brokerage in Harrogate, which we left to start Ellis Bates on 1st August 1980.

I remember our first office was 3 rooms over the Britannia Building Society on Prospect Crescent in Harrogate.  There were just four of us – Peter and me, plus Rene and Pat part time, both of whom were our parent’s generation and mothered us as a result.  There were no computers in those days, just a two line rotary dial telephone system with three extensions, and a card index system for our records.

The desks had been made by a joiner friend of mine Gary, and they consisted of two 3 drawer kitchen carcasses with a piece of edged 6′ x 2′ plywood as a top.  They were huge, and a bit high so when I was sitting at my desk my feet didn’t reach the floor!

Our income in that first year was just £26,000, which had to cover all our expenses, and pay us as well.  Needless to say we were pretty frugal as a result.  I do remember our one extravagance though – a proper coffee machine, which was very popular with our neighbours on the adjacent floors!”

Peter Bates

“Well we have gone from a first year turnover of £26,000 to over £7 million, flu was an occasional risk and Coronavirus was decades away. Along the way we have employed a lot of people and then their children and even maybe the next generation! The business may have got bigger but the ethos has never changed and the current team are firmly on the same wave length and long may it continue. There will always be  challenges to deal with and providing Grant is there to help sort them out that will suit me fine.

The business started because we both wanted to run something our way and we made the decisions and not somebody in a Head Office miles away who did not know our customers or the people who worked in our company. Since 1980 we have had to cope with significant legislation, new training and development schemes, 4 different premises and I cannot recall us thinking whether we would still be trading 40 years later or that we would have clients who were with us at the start and had stayed loyal throughout this time. We just had to carry on working looking after clients and everything would be good, eventually.”

Working at Ellis Bates

Joanie has worked for Ellis Bates for 25 years, and is the longest servicing member of staff. Watch the video below to see her take on what it is that she loves about working at Ellis Bates.