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The Academy

To be the best version of ourselves and the best at what we do.

Our Academy provides learning, training and development resources to all our employees, regardless of role and ability. We recognise we all have different learning aspirations and that these can also vary at different stages of our working life.

Our Ellis Bates Academy has three main objectives:

  1. Support our employees to do a great job – regardless of role, we want to ensure everyone is fully equipped to perform their job in the best way possible. From systems, procedures, technical knowledge, wellbeing, business knowledge and skills, we offer training to help stay up to date and so our employees are confident in their ability to perform to their full potential.
  2. Develop your skills – learning and acquiring new skills can help progression and personal development; whether that be to get involved in different projects in the business, take on more variety of work, or develop into other roles within the business. Developing skills, over and above what is needed for the day to day role, can help open up different and new opportunities.
  3. Career planning for future progression – we will discuss and review career aspirations with employees who wish to pursue a career with us and we work with them to design a structured career plan to help them succeed.

We deliver a programme of workshop based training across areas such as; business systems, management, market awareness and a wide range of soft skill development training.